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The UX and UI design methods are two different elements of the users experience.

Each focus on the aesthetics of your website to ensure that it is both engaging and easy to navigate. 407 designs utilizes both of these elements in our designs.

UI design fundamental principles include the three C’s:

  • Control. The users should be in control of the interface.
  • Consistency across the Website Common elements to make your UI predictable and easy to navigate.
  • Comfortability. interacting with a product should be an effortless, comfortable experience.

UX design, concentrates on the elements where the designer’s focused efforts are to enhance the user’s experience with a company, its products, or services.

In other words, this is a company you feel comfortable doing business with.


When a user visits a website and does not find the information they’re looking for within fifteen seconds, or they become the least bit frustrated, they will most assuredly leave your website and never see your content.

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