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3 stages of the purchase decision

Stage1 Want

Stage2 need

Stage3 rationale

You may think that visitors arrive at your website only because they want your product or something similar, not just because they’re curious. This may be true but, it can’t hurt to reinforce this ‘want’ and at the same time grab the attention of the ‘just curious’. Making someone want something is often done with the glamour shot.

Even if your product is as mundane as a roll of paper towels, it’s important to establish the need in your customer’s mind. In the case of paper towels, they aren’t just for drying up spills anymore; now they kill germs.

If your product has many features, a separate page listing may be appropriate. If you’re selling several similar items, a feature comparison page can help the customer decide the best fit to their needs. A page comparing your product features to the competition is good if you offer more or better features.

Once a need is established, your website presentation can move to stage three, providing a rationale…

The rationale for purchasing is the process of establishing in one’s mind a set of valid reasons for making the  purchase. This  information will help the customer develop the rationale
required with a presentation of the hard facts that are specific product attributes, comprising specifications, price, and any special offers.

Product specifications can be very helpful to the customer’s process of rationalizing the purchase.

Special pricing is always good for rationale. You can just hear
someone brag. “I got it on sale!”


Other reasons for wanting something can often be stated in very brief phrases: look cool, be creative, be recognized, be more productive, feel secure, attract friends, etc.
Now that the ‘want’ emotion has been stirred, it’s time to create a need.


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